Monday, May 24, 2021

Pentecost - Alive in his love

This is the moment of re-birth. The moment when we are made new and become the new creation, alive and alight in his love. Are our hearts still burning within us, just like the two disciples on the road back from Emmaus? There are many images in the Scriptures of journeys being made as moments of new beginning. We can think of the journey of Abraham who was called to set out from his home to a land to which God would lead him and Abraham putt his trust in God, and obediently went. We think of the journey of the prodigal son who goes off on his own without God, and finishes up in a place of God-forsakenness. The two offer a deep contrast of motive and ambition which stand at opposite ends of the spectrum. Perhaps they tell us that if our motives are misguided then our path will lead us down a cul-de-sac - a road to nowhere. I love the image of Moses, whose call to make his journey begins with a blazing fire. Notice though how this fire does not consume or destroy the bush but appears instead to be constantly at one with it. Not exhausting its fuel but renewing and regenerating it. Not competing or overwhelming it but remaining steady and revitalising it. 

This is the fire of the Holy Spirit, which came down upon the disciples at Pentecost, ablaze within them and sending them out on their missionary journey. This is the fire which burns within each of us. The Spirit uses us as the fuel which keeps it alight and that fuel is God’s love acting and moving us forward in our journey of faith. It will never be spent or exhausted since it is the very essence of who we are and of what we are to become. 

As his new creation we are tasked with bringing this love into the lives of those around us. It is a journey of discovery, so let us grasp it with all our enthusiasm and energy. Come Holy Spirit and fill us with your fire. 

Happy Pentecost 

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